live your hopes, not your fears

I am in need of a new creative outlet.  In honor of several new friends that keep a blog, I’ve chosen this form of expression.  It’s much cheaper than painting.

A few months ago, 5 to be exact, I moved to Seattle.  It was difficult, duh.  I was beyond excited to get out of Elk Grove, and was prepared for what was to come, but actually experiencing it was a whole other story.  It has been a complete blessing and challenge to be here with my best friend.  We have added a new dynamic to our friendship: being roommates.  I like it.

We have gotten jobs, made new friends, started cultivating lives for ourselves in this new place.  We have little things here and there that are the same, like our mutual love of road trips, that help to keep us going when the new environment gets tough.  But most of all, every day is exciting!

I can honestly say that I am completely in love with living in Seattle.  I love being here and sharing it with my best friend.  I love the amazing new people that we’ve met and had the pleasure to get to know lately.  The Fab Four, as we like to call ourselves, are pretty much the most amazing group of people you’ll ever know.  I love that there’s always somewhere to go when you want something new, and I love that there’s already the tried and true places that have become routine stomping ground.  I love getting up everyday and thinking about how much I love this city.  I love coming around the hill and seeing the Seattle skyline and feeling like I’m home.  I love that its still full of unlimited possibility.  And I love that I don’t feel stuck here.

There is an underpass that I drive often that in light of upcoming elections has some graffiti on it that reads: “vote your hopes, not your fears”. one day as I drove by, it got me thinking. that’s actually a pretty good motto for life. Think about it…

Live your hopes, not your fears

Live out what you hope for your life, don’t live into what you fear for it.

I can’t wait for each new day.  And that’s a good feeling.


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