My own journey has brought me to a place where I am studying both Marriage and Family Therapy as well as Theology. These are two subject matters and disciplines that I enjoy and care very much about. For me, they are connected, bound to each other. My process of discovering myself and finding health as a person happened simultaneously to discovering who God is and what it means to say I follow Jesus.

Since now I am studying both subjects with the intention of becoming a professional therapist and theologian, I am confronting the question of how to integrate the two. To be honest, I am not sure there is one answer or way to do this. I am working my way through this program with a dear friend, and I think her way of integrating will look very different from mine. However, I am discovering that there are some core values, themes, and ideas that link the two that I think are a very good place to start to work toward integration.

So, I have started a series that will most likely continue through the rest of my graduate education. This series will explore my own process of becoming a “theralogian,” a therapist/theologian, and some of the elements that have become a part of who I am and how I hope to engage the world professionally. I welcome feedback and dialogue.


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